School Health Services
Anderson County Health Department currently has 5 nurses serving the 6 schools in our county.  Services provided to our local schools include but are not limited to well child exams, immunizations for students and staff, health education and various screenings.  Clinic days and times may vary from school to school.  Please contact your child’s school to learn the nurses’ clinic schedule.  The following is available to all students whose consent forms have been signed.
1. Nursing Assessment of health problems with referral as needed
Parents must complete a Consent Form each year and return it to the school nurse before any services can be administered.
2. Over the Counter medication as follows
The following medications are provided by the Health Department based upon the nurse’s assessment and may only be administered if a child’s permission form has been completed and returned to the school nurse.
  Benadryl, for allergic reaction/itching.
  Antacid tablets or liquid for indigestion.
  Calamine lotion for skin rashes.
  Ibuprofen for headaches, cramps and other
  Hydrocortisone cream (1/2%) for contact
  Antifungal cream for ringworm.
  Antibiotic ointment for abrasions and other skin
  Throat lozenge for throat discomfort
  Acetaminophen for headaches and other
  Aloe Vera Lotion for mild sunburn.
3. Health Assessments as follows
Complete physical exams by a registered nurse, which may include basic lab tests as necessary for screening.
  Dental varnishing for children under age 6.

  Vision screenings for all 3rd graders and  
    as needed.
  Height and weight screenings for all 1st,
    3rd, and 5th graders.  

  Scoliosis screenings for eighth graders.
  Immunizations and TB skin test (parental
    consent for immunizations needed prior to 
4. Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
Please contact your school nurse if your child needs and EAP related to the items listed below:
  Asthma that requires the use of a nebulizer 
  Allergy (Any allergy requiring use of
antihistamines or EPI-PEN)
  Other EAPs as needed.

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