Food Service

Food Handler & Manager Training

On June 23, 2010, the Anderson County Board of Health passed Regulation 2010-01, a Regulation Related to Food Handler and Food Manager Training.  This regulations requires both food handlers and food managers to have a training to assist in prevention of foodborne illness.  For more additional information, please call the Environmental office at (502) 839-4551 ext 1116.



Food Service Inspections

The Health Department protects the community from food borne illness by conducting Food Safety Inspections. All restaurants and grocery stores are required to maintain a permit through the Anderson County Health Department. Inspections are conducted at least twice a year on each facility.

October 15, 2006, the Anderson County Board of Health passed Regulation 2006-01a,
a Regulation Related to Food Service Inspection Results Placard. This regulation requires posting of an inspection results placard (A, B or C) at the time of each regular food service establishment inspection.


Temporary Food Permits

Health Department environmentalists also issue permits and inspect temporary food vendors that sell food at fairs and festivals. A one to three day permit is available for $25.00. A four to fourteen day permit is available for $30.00. If you are a food vendor or an event organizer, please contact our agency at least two weeks prior to your event.


Other Food Service Programs

Other food protection services offered by the Health Department include:
• Approves food permits for food establishments.
• Conducts food service inspections.
• Conducts food service training seminars.
• Conducts sanitation inspections of restaurants, school cafeterias, retail grocery stores, food transportation vehicles, vending machines and other places that sell food to the public.
• Conducts foodborne disease investigations.

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